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Simple Steps to register

  1. Registration must be done by a sponsor or the admin. A sponsor is also referred as a referrer.
  2. A sponsor already has his/her package running that is either Light/Heavy package, so as soon as you register under that person you automatically registers under his/her package.
  3. Registration is done by using e-pins, the e-pins are one time pins generated by the system. Each e-pin represents the entry fee of either N10, 000/N25, 000.
  4. A sponsor buys as many e-pins as he desires; he/she uses the e-pins to register new members, each e-pin is used to register one member per time. The sponsor can also redeem his/her unused e-pin to his/her wallet and withdraw if he/she wishes.
  5. If a member is in Heavy Package he can refer somebody for Light Package if he/she buys e-pin of Light Package (N10, 000) but that will only earn him/her the referral bonus attached to Light Package, the same happens to someone in Light Package who registers someone for Heavy package (N25, 000) it will only earn him/her the referral bonus attached to Heavy Package, it will not increase your level to achieve the level income.
  6. When payment is made, the transaction alert is sent to the admin in the space provided and when the admin confirms the payment, the amount goes straight to the members’ wallet where it can be used to generate e-pins or withdrawn by the member if so wishes. When the e-pin is generated, the member goes to unused e-pins and add a member which takes him/her to the registration page and fill in the information required, by this method the e-pin is automatically connected to the registration page, then select the plan either Light or Heavy package to correspond with the value of e-pin and register which takes you to a new page written REGISTRATION IS COMPLETE. There you can see the new member ID number, Password and secured Password.
  7. Another method is under the drop menu of the sponsor/member tree & downlines, right below direct referral list add member, this takes you the registration page but you need to copy the e-pin and paste to complete registration. And each member must ensure that his/her ID number reflects or is pasted on the sponsor box provided otherwise if another ID number is on the box meaning you are adding to another ID’s downline who may or may not be in your team.
  8. After a new member login he clicks on the side button and a drop menu comes, when scrolled down click on my profile & setting, and complete registration that is profile, Bank details, setting and password.

On the user dashboard you’ll see

Total Team

Direct Team

Total Earned

Referral income

Level Income

Wallet Balance

Paid out

Pending Paid out

This is how your account will be displayed.