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Question: What is CGSI

Answer: CGSI is the acronym for Continuous Global Support Initiative. We have a sole purpose of empowering the less privilege and increasing the already established through our compensation plan and humanitarian services .
In-line with the vision of this great organization, a unique platform for wealth creation was created in order to reward and empower our participants financially & materially. So to achieve this incentives and rewards which is second to none in the industry and we made it so easy for our participants by creating only five straight stages without complication and confusion with explicit narrations.

Question: Where is your office located?

Answer: Presently our office is at 56 Imo Road Trademore Estate, Via VON Junction Abuja, FCT Nigeria

Question: Is CGSI a fraudulent Organization?

Answer: NO, Continuous Global Support Initiative Limited is registered with Corporate Affairs Commission CAC, registed with Economic and Financial Crime Commission EFCC under the SCUML scheme and also we are registered with the Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment. So we are not fraudulent or intend to be or have been.

Question: How do I get registered?

Answer: You get registered through a referral link who automatically becomes your upline or we help you get registered through an anonymous upline by the admin with a one time entry fee of N10, 000 or N25, 000 depending on the package you choose.

Question: How do I get the bonuses or incentives?

Answer: Our referral bonuses are N300 and N500 for the Light and Heavy packages respectively, there are paid immediately an upline introduces a new member meaning each member you bring you get the above respectively while the level income  are cumulative and are paid when a participant completes each level and the incentives and rewards are given at the end of every stage.

Question: How can I get paid monthly?

Answer: It depends on your marketing efforts immediately you get registered and also register 3 persons you’re paid your level income, that is either N5,000 or N15,000 depending on the package you choose but remember, from stage 3 to stage 5 at the end of the stages in the different packages (Light and Heavy) you get monthly salaries of N500,000, N1,000,000, N1,500,000 paid in 1 year for stage 3 and stage 4 with a different rates while stage 5 salaries is for 2 years with different rates.

Question: How can i build the network myself?

Answer: For every person you register to complete your downlines you get referral bonuses, in each level you get paid your level income. As you populate your downlines it takes you higher to claim your rewards.

Question: What if I couldn't get people to register?

Answer: Of course you will get, the more your upliner is bringing people for the network and be earning the referral bonuses by himself, you would also get compensation as the level 2-3 gets filled up at your first stage coz new members will come and line up under the people he/she already has.

Question: Does the network start by getting 3 persons?

Answer: Yes by getting 3 persons, you bring 3 persons and encourage them to do same, motivate them to also teach their downlines. Your network keeps growing in that manner.

Question: What if my 3 downlines are lazy. Does it mean that the network will not grow?

Answer: Of course it will grow, you can never get stuck, simply go ahead and get more people to sign up, that's more money for you and your networks keeps growing; the new people you get will go under people you already have as downlines and you it will move you up while they also get their rewards.

Question: How do I register?

Answer: You can register with either N10,000 or N25,000 depending on the package you want. We made it easy and less complicated for our participant to have a stress free registration. Your sponsor buys an e-pin depending on the package you desire and use the e-pin to complete the registration; you also do same to fill up your down lines during your registration. In a case where you don’t have a sponsor we’ll assist you with a sponsor through the admin to start your genealogy or work flow which stands as your down lines from there you can monitor the growth of your network from the website. We have a user friendly software that you can monitor the activities of your downlines, make withdrawals, deposit, generate e-pins, transfer e-pins and a whole lot.


Question: Will I get any bonus after registration?

Answer: Yes, at the point of registration depending on the package. If it’s N10, 000 you’ll get N2,000 worth of gift items and N300 referral bonus for each member you introduce and if it’s N25,000 you’ll get N3,000 gift items and N500 referral bonus for each member you introduce then your journey to a palace lifestyle begins. So your rewards and incentives differs according to the package you choose, but believe me there are all good.

Question: How can I get my earnings?

Answer: On your dashboard all your income is displayed, you see what is accrued to you daily, at your request you can credit your account at will. All cash rewards and bonuses are sent to the account information you supplied to Continuous Global Support Initiative no matter how small.

Question: Are you sure you‘ll fulfill your aims and objectives?

Answer: Yes, we meant every word that is written, all the bonuses, incentives and rewards whether cars, houses, cash, international trips, salaries or taking care of the needy, constant medical checkup and treatment for needy communities, social amenities, outreach to IDP camps, skill acquisition and training. All of these we will fulfill or held liable. 


Question: Can the organization borrow someone money?

Answer: Yes, but to only our participants. There is an interest free loan made available to interested participants at stage 3 level 2 payable at the end of the stage when the participant collects his/her cash reward. The request is optional.