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The distinctive feature of a matrix plan is its limited width. Unlike other matrix plans, in 3 x 3 matrix the number of members you sponsor on your first level, in this case can’t exceed 3.  The software allows the tree to grow with a depth and width of width x height. Members are placed in a particular order based on the width of the plan. It’s easy to locate the number of forefront members.

FORCED MATRIX BONUS:  A member will be eligible for this bonus when they fill their matrix with downline members.

POSITION BONUS: A member will be qualified for the position bonus when the downlines team members recruit new member and they join within their matrix. For example in this 3x3 matrix system, a member will eligible to receive position bonus when new members join in the 3rd down level. (Level 3) this is also a complete circle bonus.

LEVEL BONUS: This bonus is obtained when every member registers 3 members in each level.

To earn through our commission plan a Participant needs to personally refer or sign-up at least three persons. Either directly through one-on-one or through a referral link. Members are responsible for their own Marketing and accept that any rewards earned are the result of consistent Marketing efforts.

At the point of registration, every new registrant get N3,000 worth of gift items and as you register your first and only 3 down lines you'll receive N15, 000 cash and then encourage those 3 down lines to do same.

Note: This N3,000 worth of gift items is only made available to the first 2,000 registrants.

The organization has developed a monetary network plan with 5 straight stages to fulfill it's aim and objectives.


The Stages are:







There are 3 levels in every stage; you get level income at various levels apart from stages 4 and 5.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

All Stages from 1 - 5 are 3x3 forced matrix system, meaning 1 entrant with 3 down lines through 3 levels. 3x 3 forced matrix system contains 40 Participants in total to end stage 1 or a complete circle, which ends with 27 down lines, and so it goes down like that in that chain. All stages, that's from 1 - 3 have level income except stages 4 - 5. A non-refundable participatory fee of N25, 000 is required from an entrant to enable him/her claim all the benefits attached. At the entry point which is stage 1 he/she receive N3, 000 worth of gift items. Multiple accounts are encouraged based on a participant's capacity, if you have the capacity to open more accounts it's to your benefit. The referral bonuses are not cumulative, there are paid as every participant registers a new person while level income are paid at the completion of every level or stage.

When a participant introduces a new person he receives N500 as referral bonus.



NO BALANCING: That's to say whether you bring more people under you or not, you'll still get all your level income, incentives and rewards but no referral bonuses.



This stage has 1 registrant, 3 down lines registered under him and spread downward in that chain through 3 levels (3x3) and terminates with 27 down lines to end this stage or circle. This means an entrant or someone willing to participate will register with a fix entrance fee of N25,000 for  this package and in turn introduce 3 people under him/her, at this point he/she has successfully completed level 1(level bonus) which earns him/her N15,000. Then his/her 3 downlines introduce 3 members each giving a total of 9 downlines and he gets N20, 000 level income (force bonus) while the immediate downlines receives N15, 000 each as their level income, finally when the 9 downlines introduces their 3 downlines each the first entrant gets N25, 000 at this final level (Position bonus) while other downlines at levels 2 and 3 receives N20, 000 and 15,000 bonuses respectively.      


Level (1) N15, 000

Level (2) N20, 000

Level (3) N25, 000 

And a reward of a brand new ipad worth N220, 000.00

TOTAL = N280, 000




The 40 participants who have successfully completed stage 1 will each move to stage 2 to start their genealogy, this stage goes down in 3 levels too. A participant or member who completes level 1 gets N50,000 as level income at level 1, at the level 2 the participant gets N75,000 and finally gets N100,000 at level 3. A cash reward of N5, 000, 000 (Five million naira only) is given to the participant on completion of this stage.

Level (1) N50, 000

Level (2) N75, 000

Level (3) N100, 000 

A reward of N5, 000, 000 (Five Million Naira Only)

And a brand new iphone worth N270, 000

TOTAL = N5, 495, 000




The most amazing fact about this stage is, in level 2 of this stage, you can borrow up to 5million naira interest free loan payable at the end of the stage or circle. A cash reward of N1,000,000 (One million naira)  will be paid to you monthly for 12 months (one year), that means a payment schedule will be generated and released to you with the corresponding copy from the bank. But if a participant decides to collect the entire one year sum at once, terms and conditions apply. There will be a free investment training and focus driven seminar for all qualified Participants at this stage.

Level (1) N150, 000

Level (2) N200, 000

Level (3) N300, 000 

N5, 000, 000 (Five million naira only) Loan which is optional

A cash reward of N1, 000, 000 monthly for 1 year (N12, 000, 000)

A brand new Toyota Camry N8.5 million.

TOTAL = N26, 150, 000 




This stage has the second largest downlines coverage, but the good thing is that no more financial involvement. Remember what has taken you through all these stages is your one-time payment entry fee, all forms of monetary involvement was once and ended in stage 1, so this is a stage of rest but the effort needed is to encourage your downlines. Now below are the rewards:

In this stage, N1, 500, 000 will be paid to you monthly for 1 year, no level income for stages 4 & 5. But if a participant decides to collect the entire one year sum at once, terms and conditions apply.

(1) A 4 bedroom bungalow worth N40 million in any state of your choosing in Nigeria.

(2) A brand new Toyota land cruiser Prado worth N26 million

(3) An all-expense paid trip to Dubai (Not estimated)

(4)  A cash reward of N1, 500, 000 monthly for 1 year (N18, 000, 000

TOTAL = N84, 000, 000



This stage also has same procedure, 3 x 3 matrix all through stage 1 to stage 5. There are no level income here, all level income ended in stage 3,but the referral bonuses continues to the end of stage 5, to get to this stage is an opportunity for those who took advantage of the maiden event and open the doors for others to also enjoy the benefits. N1, 500, 000 will be paid monthly for 2 years. If a participant decides to collect the total one year sum, terms and conditions apply. In this final stage, these are the rewards:

(1) A 5 bedrooms duplex  worth 75 million in any State of your choosing.

(2) A brand new Range Rover Sport SUV worth N30 million

(3) An all-expense paid trip to USA (Not estimated)

(4) N1, 500, 000 will be paid monthly for 2 years (N36, 000, 000)

TOTAL = N141, 000, 000